Out In the Open

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Writer-director Benito Zambrano first made a distinct mark on Spanish cinema with his critically-acclaimed debut Solas, which played…

Zoro’s Solo

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Zoro is a 13-year-old refugee from Afghanistan living in an emergency shelter in Germany and dealing with a frosty relationship with the citizens of…

Wound Riders

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When a young woman ventures into unknown nocturnal corners of the city in this incredibly atmospheric short film, she unexpectedly finds…


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Francisco and his brother are part of a group of construction workers building a massive home for a wealthy man in Mexico City. When Francisco’s…

Woman Under the Tree, The

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Lucia, a homeless woman in South Beach, spends much of her time sitting under a tree, watching the life of a family unfold in a house across the…

Wolfson CinemaSlam Competition 2020

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The purpose of CinemaSlam is to foster excellence in student filmmaking, encourage the utilization of archival footage in visual storytelling and…

Window to the Sea

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Legendary actress Emma Suárez has played some of the most memorable roles in Spanish cinema. Nominated for six Goya Awards over her…

White Lie

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Katie is something of a public figure on her college campus. Everyone knows her name; everyone knows her story. Or at least they think they do…

While at War

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Set in the first months of the Spanish Civil War, this riveting and timely chamber drama from acclaimed writer-director Alejandro…

When Liberty Burns

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Documentary filmmaker Dudley Alexis returns to the Miami Film Festival with an incredibly incisive and illuminating look into one of…

Welcome to Chechnya

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Oscar-nominated filmmaker David France (How to Survive a Plague) delivers a suspenseful real-life thriller that will have you on the edge…

Los Lobos

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When director Samuel Kishi Leopo was five years old, his mother convinced him and his younger brother to journey from Mexico to Albuquerque with…

Weasels Tale, The

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Juan José Campanella has created some of the most beloved films in recent Argentinian cinema, from the hilarious tear-jerker Son of the Bride…

Los Últimos Frikis

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Cuba is world-renowned for its music, but ask almost anyone which music and they’ll name Mambo, Danzón, Guaracha, or any…

Lost Girls

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Based on Robert Kolker’s 2013 true-crime novel of the same title, Lost Girls is a searing look at a mother’s relentless fight for justice against …

Wax Paul Now

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After visiting Madame Tussauds, three friends answer the museum’s call for ideas about which celebrity should next be turned into one of their…

Love-Is-In-The-Stars Awards Night Party

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Feel the love in the stars as we toast the award-winners of our 37th year. Immerse yourself in glitz and glamour inspired by the subject of our closing…

Valerio’s Day Out

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A young jaguar (Valerio) goes on a killing spree when he escapes from his enclosure at the zoo. After he’s caught, sedated, and relocated, he makes…


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Two years after his stunning, adrenaline-pumping short film “Madre” won the top prize for Short Films at the Miami Film Festival and went on to an Academy Award nomination, Rodrigo Sorogoyen has returned with a feature film that asks…

Us Kids

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In the aftermath of the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, filmmaker Kim Snyder follows the student survivors who turned…

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