Audience Awards

Our Festival’s audience-voted awards are determined by the audience of each screening being invited to rate the film on a numeric scale on a paper ballot. The average of the audience’s scoring is multiplied by the fractional audience participation in the voting process (that is, the number of people who choose to vote out of the total attendance at each screening) in order to come up with a final score. At the conclusion of the Festival, the film with the highest over-all score in each audience-voted category is the winner of that category’s Award. Should two top final scores be separated by less than 1/10 of a percentage point, a tie will be declared. Ratings and final scores are confidential and not published or shared.

Narrative Feature Film Audience Award 
Presented to the filmmaker of the Festival audience’s choice of best non-documentary feature (60 min or more) of the entire Official Selection.

Short Film Audience Award
Presented to the filmmaker(s) of the Festival audience’s choice of best non-documentary short (30 min or less) of the entire Official Selection.


Narrative Feature Film Audience Award goes to PARSLEY (PEREJIL), directed by José María Cabral.

First runner-up: Mediterraneo: The Law of the Sea, directed by Marcel Barrena.

Second runner-up: The Lost Children of Jarabacoa (Dossier de Ausencias), directed by Rolando Díaz.

Documentary Achievement Award goes to SOUTH BEACH SHARK CLUB: LEGENDS AND LORE OF THE SOUTH FLORIDA SHARK HUNTERS, directed by Robert Requejo Ramos.

First runner-up: Strangers to Peace, directed by Laura Angel Rengifo and Noah DeBonis

Second runner-up: Keep the Cameras Rolling: The Pedro Zamora Way, directed by William T. Horner and Stacey Woelfel.

Short Film Audience Award goes to “Cariño,” directed by Fernanda Lamuño.

First runner-up: “Un Pequeño Corte,” directed by Mariana Serrano.

Second runner-up: “Madame Pipi,” directed by Rachelle Salnave.


Narrative Feature Film Audience Award goes to Plantados, directed by Lilo Vilaplana.

Documentary Feature Film Audience Award goes to A New Dawn, directed by Manny Soto.

Short Film Audience Award goes to “Petra,”directed by Randy Valdes.



Narrative Feature Film Audience Award goes to 90 Minutes, a portrait of contemporary Honduras through the lens of its societal obsession with soccer, directed by Aeden O’Connor Agurcia.

Documentary Feature Film Audience Award goes to Magnolia Pictures’ The Fightdepicting the struggles of a quartet of ACLU lawyers as they work on hot-button issues of our times, directed by Josh Kriegman, Elyse Steinberg and Eli Despres.

Short Film Audience Award goes to “Endure The Suck”, a documentary about two disabled military veterans who find new challenges in the sport of sailing, directed by Isaac Mead-Long.