If you purchased tickets to Miami Film Festival events that were to be held from March 12 – 15th and that were subsequently cancelled, your purchase will be automatically refunded in full. The refund on your credit card statement may take up to March 27th to appear. If it has not appeared by March 27th, please email for more information.

Festival Online Platform FAQs

Virtual Screenings are Limited to the United States

Can I pre-order?
Yes, simply go to each film page and follow the link in the yellow box to our Eventive virtual platform site. Once there click the purple Pre-order now button to create your account and complete your purchase.

Please noteWe do not allow exchanges or refunds. All orders are final.

I pre-ordered a film, now what?
You will get an email from confirming your order and letting you know that you will receive a reminder once the film is available to watch.

How can I watch the film when it’s available?
There are three ways to watch the film once it’s available.

  1. Click the Watch now button on your reminder email and you’ll be taken to the Eventive platform to watch your film
  2. Download the Eventive app on your TV and log in to your account to access your films when you get the notification of availability
  3. Download the Festival app on your TV and log in to your account to access your films when you get the notification of availability

How do I access MIAMI FILM FESTIVAL Virtual Screenings on my Apple TV?
Please download the “Miami Film Festival” app from the Apple TV App Store (accessible via your TV). You must have at least a generation 4 Apple TV to access the App Store. When you open the app for the first time you’ll see an activation code. On another device, please navigate to, then login using the email address you used to purchase your MIAMI FILM FESTIVAL Virtual Screening films and use the code to connect your account. Now, select from the available channels on the Miami Film Festival Apple TV app to begin watching. All of your unlocked content will be available on the app. If a program has not already been unlocked, you’ll have to unlock it on another device such as a laptop or mobile device first. If you ever need to re-activate the TV app, you can select TV app setup by hovering over the login ID circle at the upper right of the device screen. Please note: livestreams are currently not available via the TV app. You can AirPlay them from another device to your TV.

How do I access MIAMI FILM FESTIVAL Virtual Screenings on my Roku?
You must have at least a 5th generation or newer Roku model. MIAMI FILM FESTIVAL Virtual Screenings will not stream on any Roku devices purchased prior to October 2016. On your Roku’s main toolbar, click on STREAMING CHANNELS, from within that page, click on SEARCH CHANNELS. Search for “Miami Film Festival” app and then click on ADD CHANNEL. Once you have installed the app, open it and click on LOGIN. (You may also have to first LOGOUT and then click on LOGIN the first time you open the MIAMI FILM FESTIVAL channel.) Follow the instructions on the screen – your Roku device will ask you to enter a code on your computer or mobile device browser. Make sure you are signed into your MIAMI FILM FESTIVAL Virtual Screenings account where you have purchased the MIAMI FILM FESTIVAL Virtual Screeningsfilms at the time you enter the code given to you by your Roku device. Once you have successfully entered the code, your unlocked MIAMI FILM FESTIVAL Virtual Screenings content purchases will be available on the app. To add additional films, you will need to add them from your computer before being able to watch on your Roku. Please note: livestream Q&As are currently not available via the Roku app.


No matter what method you choose to watch the film, it will expire at the end of its availability period: 48 hours (some exceptions apply). The film may no longer be accessed 48 hours after it becomes available.

If you experience technical issues while watching a film, please visit this additional FAQ page that is specific to technical issues. If you continue to experience problems, it is your responsibility to contact us at as soon as they happen so that we may provide assistance during your 24 hour watch period. You must finish watching the film before it’s availability time expires.

I watched the film, now what?
Don’t forget to vote! Click the link under the film image on the Eventive site to cast your vote and let us know what you thought of the film.

Please noteWe do not allow exchanges or refunds. All orders are final.


Passes +


If you’ve attended the Festival before, you know movie premieres can sell out! In an effort to offer you early access and reduced prices to exclusive films & events, we recommend our Advance Passes & Packages. Passes & Packages are offered at a discounted rate that’s up to 20% off the regular price.

Opening Weekend Express Pass

Valid March 6 – March 9, 2020
Indulge in a four-day weekend Festival Experience! Plan a movie getaway and be royally entertained with an all-access pass to Opening Weekend, including all ticketed films and events; Opening Night Gala Film and Party (Party is strictly 21+); the Festival’s exclusive VIP gift bag and commemorative festival t-shirt (Good for 1 person).

Opening Night Gala Package

$106 / $81
Valid March 6, 2020
A ticket for both Opening Night Gala Film & Opening Party. Become part of the tradition, and enjoy a sensational Opening Night premiere at Olympia Theater in Downtown Miami, catch the stars on the red carpet, and be part of the exclusive conversations as top-tier filmmakers and talent grace the stage. The Party following the film will be an elegant and wild evening, with a fabulous array of culinary delights and spirits that’ll keep you groovin’ all night. (Party is strictly 21+.)

Geek Out Package

$157 / $147
Valid March 6 – March 15, 2020
You’re a self-described cinephile and you cant get enough! Earn your stripes this Festival, and take your pick of 16 tickets to any general screenings (does not include premium events). A great way to see a myriad of films yourself, or spread the movie love around to your friends!

Awards Night Gala Package

$106 / $81
Valid March 14, 2020
A ticket for both Awards Night Gala Film & Awards Party. Celebrate the winners as they receive prestigious Grand Jury Awards and more, followed by the Awards Night Film, with filmmakers in attendance, revealing fascinating behind-the-scenes stories. Party deep into the night after the screening and toast to the Festival going out with a bang! The Festival hosts rocking entertainment, good food and flowing wine and spirits. (Party is strictly 21+.)

Buzz List

$116 / $96
Valid March 6 – March 15, 2020
Everyone asks us, What should I see? Let our programmers guide the way, and give you two tickets to their personal pick of five of the most-loved, sure-to-be-talked-about dazzling films of this year’s Festival. Bring your plus one, or share with your friends. It’s a gamble, but a fun one! Ten (10) tickets total.