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Registration for industry accreditation for the 2022-2023 Miami Film Festival Season (GEMS November 3-10, 2022; MFF, March 3 – 12, 2023) is now open! Register by October 21st at 5pm and enjoy industry benefits during the 2022 GEMS Festival.



Industry Accreditation (Price: $139 Florida for Florida Industry, $269 Outside of Florida) 

MARCH 2023 Miami Film Festival 

  • Up to two (2) tickets for Festival In-Theater events per day. Limit to one ticket per event (personal/non-transferable).
    • A limited number of complimentary tickets will be available; Industry members will be sent a unique promo code with which they can reserve their tickets.
  • Daily Happy Hours and networking opportunities
  • Discounted additional tickets
  • Availability to attend select industry screenings as part of the Mercado de Cine Frances y Europeo during MFF 2023

NOVEMBER 2022 Miami Film Festival GEMS 

  • Up to eight (8) tickets for In-Theater events over the duration of the festival. Limit to one ticket per event (personal/non-transferable).
    • A limited number of complimentary tickets will be available; Industry members will be sent a ticketing form to select their 8 screenings.
    • Discounted additional tickets
    • To receive GEMS benefits, the ticketing form must be returned by October 28th, 2022. Therefore, applications for Industry Registration must received before October 21st (5pm EST) to receive benefits during the GEMS Festival


Interested parties should apply via the below link:


Instructions: You will need to log into Eventival (or create a new account) before filling out the application form. Once you have created an account and logged in, you must click on INDUSTRY REGISTRATION FORM 2023 on the left and fill out the quick 14-question form with your general information. Once you hit submit, you will receive a confirmation email from the Miami Film Festival stating that we have received and will review your application.

If you only create an Eventival account and do not submit the Industry Registration 2023 Form, we will not receive your application. If you do not receive an “Accreditation Request Confirmation” email from the Miami Film Festival, your application has not been submitted. Please ensure you follow the above instructions or contact lcohen1@mdc.edu with any questions.


Your application alone neither constitutes nor guarantees your accreditation. Miami Film Festival may accept or turn down an application for accreditation at its sole discretion. Each participant may request only one accreditation, which is strictly personal and non-transferable, for a single professional category. Applicants must be active in the film industry and must specify the nature of their activity on the application.