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Zoro’s Solo

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Zoro is a 13-year-old refugee from Afghanistan living in an emergency shelter in Germany and dealing with a frosty relationship with the citizens of…


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Francisco and his brother are part of a group of construction workers building a massive home for a wealthy man in Mexico City. When Francisco’s…


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Inspired by the award-winning short film of the same name that won acclaim throughout the country, Miami filmmaker J.R. Poli returns to the Miami…

This Is Cristina

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Gonzalo Maza is renowned as one of the great screenwriters of Latin American cinema. A co-writer on four Sebastian Lelio films, including the…

Mother, A

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Alejandro, the youngest of his recently deceased father’s two sons, is brimming with anger, upset that his father and older brother have for so long…

Our Mothers

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Guatemala’s bloody civil war is little-talked about, but the two-decade conflict which started in the 1970’s claimed 200,000 victims — most of them…

Innocence, The

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Fresh off of a critically-acclaimed premiere at the San Sebastian International Film Festival and two Goya Nominations (including Best Breakout…


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Nicoline (Game of Thrones, Carice van Houten) is an experienced psychologist that is embarking on a new job at a penal institution…

Iron Bridge

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Monika Jordan-Mlodzianowska’s feature film directorial debut, The Iron Bridge, centers on the dramatic events set in motion by a love…

Last Rafter, The

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After risking his life crossing the Florida Straits on a raft, a young Cuban searches Miami for his long-absent father. When a political shift makes him…

Lina from Lima

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Chilean filmmaker María Paz González has made documentaries like Daughter that have been widely acclaimed in her…

Good Intentions, The

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Director Ana García Blaya’s first feature film, inspired heavily by her own childhood, is an authentic feel-good coming-of-age drama that marks…


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There are few human drives stronger than the need to feel useful; and that impulse is the engine that moves Grandpas, a crowd-pleasing…


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In a world where value depends on how many “likes” you receive online, three millennial women are about to discover what lengths they’ll go to to…

Catching Up

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First-time feature director Bill Crossland graces us with one of the most moving romantic comedies of the year in the heartfelt…

90 Minutes

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90 Minutes, a rare film from Honduras, tells four interlinking stories of drama, romance and suspense all tied together by Honduras and the world’s greatest passion…