World Premiere of Mateo Gil’s Newest Film; Two Additional High-Profile Spanish Features Announced for 35th Miami Film Festival as First Two Marquee Events

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Top left: Mateo Gil and Miami Film Festival director Jaie Laplante. Photo credit: Anthony Nader; Top right: Berta Vázquez in The Laws of Thermodynamics Bottom: The Laws of Thermodynamics

Multi-award-winning Spanish filmmaker Mateo Gil will present the World premiere of his latest film, The Laws of Thermodynamics (Las leyes de la termodinámica), a unique romantic comedy co-produced by Spain’s Zeta Cinema and Atresmedia, at Miami Film Festival’s upcoming 35th anniversary edition to be held March 9 – 18.

The Laws of Thermodynamics is Mateo Gil’s most astoundingly original creation yet, in which he brilliantly dissects the romantic comedy genre at the same time he elevates it with explosive new levels of movie-star chemistry and expertly-timed wit.  The film stars Vito Sanz (Maria (and the Others)) as a Sciences graduate student who blames his disastrous love life, such as being dumped by his girlfriend (played by Berta Vázquez of Palm Trees in the Snow), on the mysteriously comic laws of cosmic thermodynamics. Also starring is rapidly-rising new star, Chino Darin.

The Laws of Thermodynamics will be presented as one of the Festival’s prestigious Marquee events.

Prior to presenting his high-profile new film, Gil will participate in an extended conversation about his career, which includes such highlights as co-writing the Academy Award-winning film The Sea Inside, co-writing Open Your Eyes, later remade as Vanilla Sky with Tom Cruise; and his numerous Goya Award wins from Spain’s Academy of Cinematographic Arts & Sciences. As a director, Gil’s films “Allanamiento de morada”, Nobody Knows Anybody, Blackthorn and Realive have all been presented in the US by Miami Film Festival.

The Laws of Thermodynamics will additionally compete in the Festival’s Knight Competition and HBO Ibero-American Feature Film Competition.

The Warning

The Warning


skin-of-a-wolf,the (6)

The Skin of the Wolf

In addition to The Laws of Thermodynamicsthe Festival also announced two more high-profile new Spanish films which will screen for the first time to US audiences. 

The Warning (El aviso), a high-octane thriller from Chris Sparling, the American screenwriter of Ryan Reynolds’ hit film Buried, and Alex de la Iglesia’s frequent screenwriter Jorge Guerricaechevarría, directed by Daniel Calparsoro, and starring Raúl Arévalo and Aura Garrido, will premiere in Miami just a week following its opening in Spanish theaters. The supernatural thriller is being compared to the Brad Pitt-Terry Gilliam hit 12 Monkeys, and will debut in two of the Festival’s competition sections, Knight Competition and HBO Ibero-American Feature Film Competition. Calparsoro’s most recent film, Cien años de perdón, was an official selection of Miami Film Festival in 2016.

The Skin of the Wolf (Bajo la piel de lobo)a dramatic thriller with stunning wide-screen photography set in Spain’s spectacular Asturias-Huescas region from first-time feature writer-director Samu Fuentes, will debut in the Festival’s Jordan Ressler Screenwriting Competition, as well as the HBO Ibero-American Feature Film Competition. Starring Spanish mega-star Mario Casas, Ruth Díaz (The Fury of a Patient Man) and Irene EscolarThe Skin of the Wolf is a film of sparse dialogue connected to a complex visual storytelling design, making it a top contender for the Ressler Award.

Additional Marquee events and Competition titles for the 35th Miami Film Festival will be unveiled when the complete line-up is unveiled in early February. The schedule of screening times will be announced on Feb. 9, with individual tickets going on sale to the general public beginning Feb. 16.

Individual vouchers guaranteeing a seat at the Marquee Evening with Mateo Gil featuring The Laws of Thermodynamics, as well as individual vouchers for The Warning and The Skin of the Wolf, are now on sale to the general public.

Jaie Laplante

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