What to Stream While Quarantined: Part 5

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As we all try to navigate the quickly-changing film landscape in the time of coronavirus, we’re committed to continuing our mission of connecting art with audiences, and bringing you world-class cinema to watch on a daily basis. With 37 wonderful editions of Miami Film Festival behind us, we’ve assembled a list of some of our favorite Miami Film Festival/GEMS titles that are currently streaming online, in our new blog series we’re calling “What to Stream While Quarantined”. 


The Two Popes

There’s nothing like seeing two masterful personalities go head-to-head. Inspired by a true story, Oscar-nominated director Fernando Meirelles (City of God) has crafted a riveting character drama in The Two Popes, which sees Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Pryce in a verbal battle of wits over the future direction of the Catholic Church.

When Pope Benedict XVI (Hopkins) breaks with tradition and decides to retire from the papacy, he invites his soon-to-be successor Cardinal Bergoglio (Pryce) – who will become the future Pope Francis — for a meeting. At first, it seems like an ideal opportunity for the two men to exchange pleasantries and put their differences aside. As one of Pope Benedict’s harshest critics, Cardinal Bergoglio is a progressive, forward-thinking leader, one who feels strongly that the Church should listen to its followers instead of blindly adhering to the ways of old. It’s an outlook that leads to a fierce debate between the two men – a debate on sticking to tradition vs growing with the times, and about what it means to pave a religious path for more than a billion followers around the world. 

Available to stream on Netflix.


The Lobster

From the wonderfully eccentric mind of Yorgos Lanthimos, The Lobster takes place in a dystopian alternate universe where single people have 45 days to find love. But there’s a catch: If they don’t find their forever mate within that time frame, they’re forced to relinquish their humanity and live the remainder of their lives as an animal of their choosing.

Starring Colin Farrell and Rachel Weisz, The Lobster is a wild, unpredictable, and darkly funny satire that tackles society’s obsession with marriage and courtship.

Available to stream on Netflix.



Former democratic congressman Anthony Weiner experienced a swift fall from grace when it came to light that he was sending explicit pictures of himself via the internet under the moniker “Carlos Danger.” Three years later, he made the bold move to throw himself back into the public spotlight with the decision to run for mayor of New York City.

Some of the very best documentaries happen when the filmmakers are thrown for a loop. Such is the case with Weiner. Initially envisioned as an inspiring comeback story, everything changed when a new sexting scandal emerged at the height of his mayoral campaign – all while the cameras were rolling.

A shocking behind-the-scenes look into a prominent political campaign’s attempt at crisis management, Weiner is a revealing dive into the media-driven state of politics.

Available to rent on YouTube.



Something sinister is brewing in the small island town of Jersey. Four young girls have been brutally murdered, and the killer is still roaming free. And then there’s Moll. With a history of mental illness and a mother that keeps her on a tight leash, she’s starting to crack under the strain of it all. Suddenly, a newfound liberation comes in the form of Pascal. Quiet, brooding, and a little dangerous, Moll instantly gets swept up in a passionate romance with the outsider, who happens to be a prime suspect for the murders.

Part forbidden romance, part murder mystery, and part psychological thriller, Beast is a wild ride that constantly subverts your expectations. Featuring an intense breakout performance from Jessie Buckley as the troubled Moll, first time writer-director Michael Pearce has crafted a visceral and utterly captivating picture about the darkness we bury deep inside us – and what happens when it begins to claw its way out.

Available to rent on iTunes, YouTube, and Amazon Video.

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