Trucks in Technicolor: MIFF, MOAD and NWSA to Co-Present ‘Horn Please’

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Raja painter finishing a Panihari painting; Decorated trucks in Jodhpur
For truckers in India, it’s all about color. Vibrant, hand-painted and individual, trucks have shifted in function—from mere transporters of goods to art forms in their own right. Miami International Film Festival (MIFF), MDC Museum of Art + Design (MOAD), and New World School of the Arts (NWSA) will co-present a public screening of Horn Please, the journey of Indian truck art, on Saturday, February 8th, at 6:00 – 9:00 PM (during Wynwood’s Second Saturday Art Walk) at NWSA ARTSEEN, 2215 NW 2nd Avenue, allowing viewers the chance to relish in and interact with an impressive evolution of Indian folk-art.  
In the documentary debut from directors Shantanu Suman (graphic designer) and Istling Mirche (producer), Horn Please captures the energy of a continent through its unique, creative spin on truck decoration, tracing the tradition of the craft and unearthing its origins.

Horn Please encapsulates various aspects of an age-old folk art form of India — the Truck Art, an art form that makes journeys through the dusty highways of India incredible, in more ways than one. With a kaleidoscope of bright paints, motifs, typography, and some unique couplets, the designs painted on the trucks do not merely stand for aesthetic purposes, but they also attempt to depict religious, sentimental, and emotional viewpoints of the people related to the truck industry.

This documentary focuses on the origin of truck art and its evolution, and how it influences not just the world of art, but also the lives of its artists and the truckers who interact with it on a daily basis. Largely, it investigates on whether the once-accepted type of art as a unique form of expression, will survive the test of time in this era of capitalism.

The title of the documentary — Horn Please — is derived from a message seen behind each and every truck in India. It is a signal for the vehicles behind the trucks to blow the horn before overtaking. The sheer exposure of the signage has led it to become a popular phrase among Indians.

Truck fronts in Udaipur; Finishing the eyelashes of a Panihari woman
A special VIP screening will be held for Miami Film Society members on Thursday, February 6th at 7:00 – 9:00 PM, which will include Q&A with director Shantanu Suman also at NWSA ARTSEEN, 2215 NW 2nd Avenue, Miami, FL.  RSVP required.  For more info: call 305-237-7722 or visit—Tatyana Chiocchetti

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