Spain’s Newest Rising Star: Alberto Ammann

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Alberto Ammann
If you are not yet familiar with the amazing talent of Argentina-born Spanish actor Alberto Ammann, it won’t be long before he’s a household name. He has a massive range with extraordinary sensitivity, and is one of the biggest rising Latin film stars for one very good reason; this guy knows how to act.

In the 2009, eight Goya award-winning film, Cell 211 (Celda 211), directed by Daniel Monzón, Ammann won a Goya Award for his debut playing Juan Oliver, a rookie prison guard who gets mistaken for an inmate during a prison riot.  To ensure his survival, Juan masquerades as a new prisoner and finds himself under the wings of Malamadre, aka Bad Mother (Luis Tosar), the prison riot leader.

Eva poster (2011), The Outlaw poster (2010), Cell 211 poster (2009)

In 2010, Ammann starred in the big-budget epic The Outlaw (Lope), directed by Andrucha Waddington, in a passionate portrayal of Spanish playwright and poet Lope de Vega; who dominated Spain’s early Golden Age of theater.

Ammann then dazzled MIFF audiences earlier this year in MIFF 2013’s Knight Ibero-American Competition with director Hernán Golfrid’s cat-and-mouse thriller, Thesis on a Homicide (Tesis sobre un homicidio). After holding his own next to veteran star Tosar in Cell 211, in this film Ammann played opposite Argentine mega-star Ricardo Darín to impressive effect as Gonzalo, a dashing, charismatic young law student.

Invader poster (2012), Thesis on a Homicide (2013)

Ammann will next be seen in the upcoming Weinstein Company’s U.S. release of Kike Manilo’s Eva, where he impressively plays a robotics scientist in a thought-provoking, well-executed Spanish sci-fi tale set in 2041 where robots are beginning to ‘live’ alongside humans.  And increasing his rapidly expanding repertoire, Ammann has signed on to star in Oliver’s Deal from U.S. director Barney Elliott; a political thriller about a hedge-fund honcho working on the deal of a lifetime — the redemption of a $1 billion debt from Peru’s government — in a story spanning Manhattan, a Lima hospital and the Andean highlands.

This month, MIFF audiences will get a chance to see Ammann’s mounting leading man talents in a special event screening of Invader (Invasor), a topical, razor-sharp political thriller in which he stars as a Spanish military doctor seriously wounded in a terrorist attack during an international mission.  — Tatyana Chiocchetti

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