‘Sidetracked’ Returns to Tower Theater Miami

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It’s been 9 months since the 2015 Miami International Film Festival wrapped up with our packed screening of Sidetracked, followed by our incredible Patron Closing Night Party. And if you missed out on the hot ticket then, now is your chance to finally see the celebrated film this weekend exclusively at MDC’s Tower Theater Miami.

Starring festival favorites Raúl Arévalo (Family United in 2014, Ghost Graduation in 2013) and Inma Cuesta (Three Many Weddings in 2014, The Sleeping Voice in 2012), Sidetracked is a crowd-pleasing Spanish comedy with all the right ingredients: a winning ensemble, heart, and just a little bit of dysfunction.

The story revolves around three couples who are going through something of a mid-life crisis. Alberto and Luisa are struggling to make ends meet via dead-end jobs, all while caring for their five-year-old son, and trying to counteract their increasingly dampened sex life. Then there’s Alberto’s brother, Juan. Newly separated from his wife, Juan is dating a woman 20 years his junior, and trying his best to keep up with her impulsive, party-heavy lifestyle. Lastly there’s Luisa’s sister Sara, a woman who  is so obsessed with finding a life partner that she anxiously clings to any imagined romantic crumb dropped by her casual sex hook-up Paco.

This film perfectly pinpoints that sinking fear that life is getting ahead of you; the disheartening feeling that you’re not at the place you imagined you’d be mid-life. Comedy is often best when it comes from a readily identifiable place, which is an area where this films soars: Sidetracked manages to make some of our deepest fears the source of its greatest jokes.

Sidetracked joins a rapidly growing list of hit Spanish comedies to show at the Festival in the past few years. Other recent hits include Spanish Affair, the most successful film ever at the domestic Spanish box office; our sold-out GEMS title It’s Now or Never; and 2014’s Three Many Weddings, which also boasts Spanish star Inma Cuesta.

Sidetracked opens at MDC’s Tower Theater Miami on Fri, Dec 4.  For showtimes and tickets, please visit: http://bit.ly/1NllGfg.