PAPER CHILDREN YouTube Originals Premiere

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Miami Film Festival 2020 Official Selection PAPER CHILDREN will premiere Thursday, June 25 at 6pm on YouTube.

PAPER CHILDREN explores America’s invisible refugee crisis through the eyes of one Miami family who navigate a broken system with unwavering resilience. The Gonzalez parents are working hard on a new start in south Florida to create hope for their four beautiful children, as far away from the frightening gang violence in their native Honduras as possible. Yet the thorny complexities of the US immigration system as they apply for legal status lead to some dispiriting setbacks that once again threaten their sense of security. Through it all, the family members awake to each new day holding on to a loving and optimistic spirit.

Miami native Alexandra Codina’s 2010 documentary, Monica & David, established her filmmaker’s voice as one of extraordinary sensitivity and empathy. PAPER CHILDREN enhances this well-deserved reputation, going beyond the traditional immigration narrative into a nuanced consideration of how America cares for the most vulnerable found in its embrace.


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