MIFF 2014 Miami Future Cinema Critics

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For the second successive year, Miami International Film Festival (MIFF), March 7–16, 2014 will be posting Miami Future Cinema Critics blogs on this page beginning on Monday, March 10th. 
The aim of the program is to provide Miami-based film aficionados with a fascinating opportunity to discover new cinema – outside of the roughly 600 films that are commercially released in the U.S. annually, and learn new ways to develop their voice and attract new audiences for their own critical work.  Our 2014 Miami Future Cinema Critics include: Zoe Brown, James Paul Duran, Raychel Lean, and Anna Xigues.                            

Jaie Laplante

Jaie Laplante is the Miami Film Festival's executive director and director of programming. Learn more about Jaie on Programmers.