June’s Monthly Screening Expounds on Natures Both Human & Imaginary

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Extraterrestrial writer/director Nacho Vigalondo 
Just before the Miami Heat went on to cream pie the Boston Celtics in Game 7 to advance into the NBA Finals… MIFF presented the exclusive South Florida premiere screening of Extraterrestrial (Extraterrestre), with Oscar-nominated director Nacho Vigalondo, to a full house at MDC’s Tower Theater.

During the intro, Vigalondo told the audience “a number of alien movies are about a hero who manages to save humanity in one form or another, but this film is about the 99% of humans who stay at home and how they end up reacting to the situation. In other words, this is a film about us.”

The wide-eyed wonder of Extraterrestrial is not the four-mile-wide spaceship hovering over Madrid for days – it’s in the giddy, hilarious human reactions of four Spaniards trapped below it.

Following a highly animated Q&A, Vigalondo charmed the crowd and told them; “If I could marry an audience, it would be you”.

Vigalondo’s first feature film was Timecrimes (Los cronocrímenes) in 2007, which is currently in development for an American remake by Oscar-winning screenwriter Steve Zaillian for Dreamworks. Extraterrestrial is Vigalondo’s second feature film.

Post screening, Vigalondo was whisked away to MDC’s Tuyo restaurant for an exquisite dining experience, along with a birds-eye view of the American Airlines arena where he, executive director Jaie Laplante and a lively group of Miami Film Society members watched in awe as the streets were flooded white with ecstatic Heat fans!

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Jaie Laplante

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