Festival Favorite ‘Havana Motor Club’ Takes Miami

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Piti and his car in Havana, Cuba, on Monday, June 2, 2014.

Havana Motor Club has a long, cherished history with Miami International Film Festival. One of the most fascinating events of the 2014 Festival was filmmaker Bent-Jorgen Perlmutt’s special presentation on his creative process in constructing Havana Motor Club, his portrait of Cuba’s top underground drag racers of classic American cars. Attendees were lucky enough to be treated to key sequences of the film, leaving the captivated audience yearning to see the finished product.

A year later, Miami audiences finally got that opportunity when the completed film had its Florida Premiere at GEMS 2015, with director Perlmutt — along with a slew of cast and crew — in attendance. The Festival has been involved with the exhibition of Havana Motor Club since its infancy, and thus it’s especially exciting to us to see the acclaimed documentary make its way back to Miami once again. Starting tomorrow, April 8th, you can experience the drama, heartbreak, frustration, laughter and tears of Havana Motor Club at O Cinema Miami Beach.

Havana Motor Club tells a personal, character-driven story about Cuba’s vibrant community of underground drag racers and their quest to hold Cuba’s first official car race since shortly after the 1959 Revolution. From the moment that Castro banned the official sport following a tragic accident in the early 1960s to present day, the underground racers have pursued a quest to have its official status reinstated, and to bring their hobby out from the shadows.

With thrilling race sequences, a lively Cuban soundtrack, and an inspiring story ripe with emotion at its very core, Havana Motor Club is a true crowd pleaser, one that is sure to resonate with Miami audiences.

Havana Motor Club Is now available digitally on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Vudu. Catch it on the big screen at O Cinema Miami Beach starting today. For showtimes, click here: http://www.o-cinema.org/event/havana-motor-club/

To read more about Havana Motor Club, visit havanamotorclub.com

Lauren Cohen

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