Debut Feature by Cuban Filmmaker to Premiere at MIFF 2013

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The new era of accessible digital technology has unleashed a revolution of independent cinema within Cuba.  One of the most significant new films from this movement, as reported in this weekend’s The New York Times, is Carlos Lechuga’s debut feature film, Molasses (Melaza), which tells a story of social degradation in a sugar town whose mill has been shuttered.    Miami International Film Festival is proud to announce the US PREMIERE of Molasses (Melaza) is scheduled for this year’s 30th anniversary edition, where Lechuga’s film will compete in the Lexus Ibero-American Opera Prima Competition category.    Part of a new era of independent movies that are nourishing a conversation among Cubans keen to see the hard realities of their lives dealt with on screen, La Producciones de la 5ta Avenida made Molasses (Melaza) in production with French and Panamanian financing.   Read more about Molasses (Melaza) and the Cuban independent film movement here

Jaie Laplante

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