Thank you for your interest in becoming a Festival volunteer.

Be a part of the action and volunteer at our four-day fall film event GEMS, October 12 – 15, 2017, at MDC’s Tower Theater Miami. GEMS will provide Floridians and visitors with an exclusive specially curated program of new movies that will dominate award-season conversations, as well as international box office sensations and special discoveries.  All of this is part of our countdown to the Festival’s 35th edition next March 9 – 18, 2018. We need a stellar team of volunteers to make GEMS a remarkable experience for all those film lovers!  Get involved, meet new people, and discover the latest in international cinema.

Shifts will be published on September 15, 2017.  

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What we’re about

Miami Film Festival prides itself on being an iconic cultural event for Miami, and a growing festival on the world scene. With a small core team working year-round and for the extended season, we bring on about 500 dedicated volunteers to help activate all the moving parts of the Festival itself. We foster a culture of trust, strong work ethic, reliability, and quality. All team members are expected to uphold high standards of customer service and presentation value. (Sometimes this means answering the same questions many times over for bewildered or over-zealous festival guests and audience members, always with the same level of friendliness!) We welcome returning and brand-new volunteers alike. Festival volunteers are people who love film, love community engagement, love special events, and love Miami. If you fit the bill, please apply!


SHIFTBOARD is the online software we use for our volunteer scheduling system.  It should make signing up streamlined and user friendly. You have total control over your schedule, and can add or drop shifts at your convenience online.

How it works

  1. You register online.
  2. We will review & approve your registration.
  3. Volunteer shifts are posted about a month before the Festival. You will receive a notice that you can begin signing up for shifts. Please sign up for at least 3 shifts, or more if you like!
  4. You’ll receive an email reminder the day before your shifts. Then you show up to volunteer!

Benefits you’ll receive

  1. One voucher for every shift you work, redeemable for any available regular screening ticket during the Festival.
  2. Amazing experiences and new friends you’ll carry with you always!

Areas of volunteering

  • Volunteer Captains With so many enthusiastic volunteers at Festival theaters, Volunteer Captains take the lead in helping to orient their peers. Captains should have enough knowledge of the Festival to know a few answers off the top of their heads and quickly catch on to the culture of the Festival. Captains help spread the excitement to fellow volunteers, check in volunteers and give a brief training at the beginning of their shifts, covering the particulars of their venues. Captains act as assistants to Theater Managers and should be prepared to sign up for the most shifts.
  • Ushers You can be on the front lines of the Festival! This is by far the job that requires the most helping hands. With six screening venues, we need many volunteers to become part of a cohesive team that helps scan tickets, hands out ballots, and helps people into the theater to find their seats. Ushers will report to Theater Managers, and are vital in ensuring the public experience in our venues is safe, welcoming, orderly, and as smooth as possible! People with smiling faces and strong customer service skills, who don’t mind being on their feet, are best in these positions.
  • Line Captains Working closely with our Theater Managers, Line Captains will be on crowd-control duty, helping our excited patrons line up to enter the screening venues. Oftentimes, each screening will have a separate line for ticket holders, ticket buyers, Miami Film Society members, and Rush Line buyers. We need active, quick-moving volunteers that are natural leaders with loud, strong voices, to help communicate to the crowds which line they should be in, and what information they need to hear as they enter the theater. Many times it’s repeating the message that gets the job done! Line Captains will work mostly afternoons or evenings at any of our screening venues.
  • Sharp Shooters Try as we might, we can’t be everywhere! So we need extra sets of lenses helping us capture the action. Become a volunteer photographer for the Festival, and you can keep the credit on all your photos, get exposure, and help us cover ground. Send us your website or Flickr gallery, and if you’ve got the skills, we’ll provide you with a shooting schedule, and post your best resulting work as part of our daily content and archives. Work closely with our social media & marketing team and really make an impact!

If you have any questions, please email volunteers@miamifilmfestival.com.