SPACESHIP EARTH Online Presentation



A film by:  Matt Wolf
Cast: John Allen, Tony Burgess, Jane Goodall, Kathelin Gray
USA / 2020 / 116 min / Documentary / Not Rated

In English

“There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth. We are all crew.” – Marshall McLuhan

See this Miami Film Festival Official Selection online starting Friday, May 8. 

Deep in the Arizona desert, there’s an enormous glass terrarium where a miniature replica of earth’s ecosystem lives called Biosphere 2. In 1991, a group of countercultural visionaries brought this controversial science experiment to life to prepare for life on Mars. But when eight “biospherians” went to live hermetically sealed under the glass for two years, their mission was soon faced with ecological calamities and cult accusations. Despite these tribulations, the biospherians completed their mission, coalescing to manage their impact on a model environment. That is until their miniature world was taken over. This is an epic story about the forces that threaten our planet, but also the power of small groups to literally reimagine the world.

Produced by: Stacey Reiss and Matt Wolf
Cinematography: Sam Wootton
Editing: David Teague
Music: Owen Pallett

“An involving, oddly poignant tale that should have broad appeal to those on the lookout for distinctive documentaries.”  –Variety / Full Review