Tu Me Manques


Filmmaker Rodrigo Bellott has been one of the driving forces behind Bolivia's nascent film industry; writing and directing domestic hits Sexual Dependency and Who Killed the White Llama, as well as co-directing Bolivia's first film school, La Fabrica. For his latest film, the cathartic and moving Tu Me Manques, he has teamed up with Argentinian great Oscar Martinez and Spanish legend Rossy de Palma.

Jorge (Martinez), a traditional Bolivian father, receives news of the suicide of his son Gabriel. Weeks after the tragedy he finds his son's laptop where he discovers he had a romantic relationship with Sebastian, another young countryman who lives in New York City, where his son was studying. After an initial angry confrontation with Sebastian on Skype, Jorge decides to go to New York to look for answers about his son's death, but what he finds will change his life forever.

With brave, heart-on-sleeve performances from beginning to end, Tu Me Manques has been moving film festival audiences and took home the Grand Jury Award at L.A. Outfest.

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MDC’s Tower Theater Miami 1

Director Bio

Rodrigo Bellott is a Bolivian Filmmaker. His directorial credits include Sexual Dependency (03), Who Killed the White Llama (07) and Perfidy (09).

Cast & Credits

  • Director(s)
    Rodrigo Bellot
  • Producer(s)
    Rodrigo Bellott, Elisa Lleras, Rodrigo A. Orozco
  • Screenwriter(s)
    Rodrigo Bellott
  • Cinematographer(s)
    Noah Greenberg
  • Composer
    Julia Kent
  • Cast
    Rossy de Palma, Oscar Martínez, Fernando Barbosa, Rick Cosnett, Dominic Colón, Jose Duran, Ben Lukovski, Quim del Rio, Patricia García

Film Info

  • Year
  • Category
  • Original Title
    Tu Me Manques
  • Country
    United States, Bolivia
  • Run-Time
    105 min
  • Language
    Spanish, English
  • Subtitles