My Little One


Alex and Bernardo are two European men with separate lives but one thing in common: they both once loved a woman named Jade, who has now sent them both an urgent plea to come see her in the Arizona desert, in Navajo Nation. Her precocious, free-spirited daughter, Frida guides them through the harsh reality of Jade's life. Their views on life, love and even death are about to change forever.

Featuring breathtaking desert landscapes and a strong cast (Anna Mouglalis and Mathieu Demy among others), the latest collaboration of Frédéric Choffat and Julie Gilbert is a deep, contemplative look at three lives at a crossroads.

This screening is sponsored by TV5MONDE USA, the Consulate General of Switzerland and the Swiss American Chamber of Commerce in Miami.

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SilverSpot Cinema 16

Director Bio

Julie Gilbert and Frédéric Choffat have been collaborating on multimedia projects since 1997 when they met while studying at the ICAIC in Havana. He directed The Real Life Is Elsewhere in 2006 and they co-directed Mangrove in 2011.

Cast & Credits

  • Director(s)
    Julie Gilbert, Frédéric Choffat
  • Producer(s)
    Anne Deluz, Jessica Huppert Berman, Luc Peter
  • Screenwriter(s)
    Frédéric Choffat, Jihane Chouaib, Julie Gilbert
  • Cinematographer(s)
    Frédéric Choffat, Pietro Zuercher
  • Composer
    Yan Péchin, Kristoff K. Roll
  • Cast
    Anna Mouglalis, Mathieu Demy, Vincent Bonillo, Ruby Matenko

Film Info

  • Year
  • Category
  • Original Title
    My Little One
  • Country
  • Run-Time
    101 min
  • Language
    French, English, Navajo
  • Subtitles