Art of a Great Film Poster – Oolite Arts Skills Master Class at Miami Film Festival, The


A great film poster can be like a great painting – a stand-alone work of art unto itself. However, the art of creating a film poster must balance many more considerations than simply creating a striking image. A poster artist seek to communicating the true essence of the film, not to mention the need to entice the public to seek out the film itself.

Producing the best possible poster for a film is a daunting task, but in this 90 minute Oolite Art Skills Master Class at Miami Film Festival moderated by Carmen Pelaez, designer Edel “Mola” Rodriguez takes us through his own process of working with filmmakers to create numerous memorable posters, including the poster for “Fragile,” a short film by Sheyla Pool, that was the first-ever recipient of Miami Film Festival’s Best Poster Award. Rodriguez’s work has been exhibited in Cuba, France, Germany, Chile, Argentina, Spain, Finland, United States and Switzerland.

Edel (Mola) Rodriguez is from Havana, Cuba. He holds a degree as Designer of Visual Communication from the Instituto Superior de Diseño, and currently works as an independent graphic designer and illustrator. He has created designs, posters, videos and illustrations for numerous expositions, institutions and film projects.

This master class is sponsored by Oolite Arts.

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