Keeping our community healthy and well is a shared responsibility. The Festival observes all local governmental safety protocols and current CDC guidance for public gatherings.

For their own safety and the safety of guests and patrons, the Festival operations staff will wear face coverings at all times while on duty, wash hands at regular intervals and utilize hand sanitizer before and after interacting with guests, and clean auditoriums thoroughly in between all screenings and events.

We ask all Festival patrons and guests to collaborate in health and safety with us by responsibly:

  • If you are physically unwell and running an abnormal temperature, please do not come to the theater and put others at risk. At your earliest opportunity, get a COVID-19 test at the many testing sites available through Miami-Dade county.
  • While not required, vaccines are widely available and effective. As of 12/01/21, Miami-Dade County has the highest rate of fully vaccinated population in the State of Florida at nearly 80%. We encourage all to become fully vaccinated prior to attending the Festival.
  • While not required, face coverings are expected to be worn when at indoor Festival venues. Face coverings can be briefly lowered or removed while actively eating or drinking products from the venue’s concession or bar. When not actively eating or drinking, face coverings should be again worn over nose and mouth.
  • Please make use of available hand sanitizer dispensers that are widely available throughout our venues. We also encourage you to frequently wash your hands with our touchless faucets inside our venue restrooms. 
  • While in common areas of the venues (lobby, concession, restrooms), please observe physical distance from others that are not in your immediate group.
  • We encourage you to purchase tickets in advance of arrival at the venue and use the mobile ticket option to gain entry to the auditoriums
  • Respect, empathy and understanding to Festival and venue employees and guests, as well as your fellow patrons