Type of position:  Full-time Employment
Begins:                  Immediately
Reports to:            Executive Director, Miami Film Festival & Tower Theater Miami
Salary range:        $54,948 – $68,685
Benefits:                Health & dental care + Retirement Plan contributions

The department’s Marketing Strategist creatively leverages numerous Marketing, Outreach and Promotion (M.O.P.) strands to plan and implement cohesive and effective strategies designed to drive attendance, revenue and brand evolution for both Miami Film Festival (MFF) and Tower Theatre Miami (TTM).


  • Develops, plans and executes general and niche (specific to content) M.O.P. plans for the department’s two separate brands, Miami Film Festival and Tower Theater Miami.
  • Analyzes, researches and tests market to provide recommendations for dynamic pricing based on evolving industry willingness-to-pay factors and trends.
  • Contributes to short- and long-term brand evolution planning, and shapes day-to-day strategies and messaging to successfully reach those goals.
  • Participates in setting over-all attendance and sales metrics, as well as event-specific attendance and sales metrics, and aligning day-to-day strategies and messaging to successfully reach those goals.
  • Prospects, pitches, secures and fulfills corporate and media partnerships, including the negotiation, drafting and execution of proposals and contracts and overseeing the design and creation of required content, for a variety of channels including a strong emphasis on native advertising, as elements of the annual strategies. Incorporates renewal request strategies and aims to build long-term relationships.
  • Builds and nurtures community engagement with niche constituencies in alignment with MFF and TTM’s dynamic programming.
  • Generates original and innovative brand-defining and/or monetized promotions with a strong emphasis on connection to dynamic programing.
  • Oversees design and production of print promotional items such as brochures, ticket guides, weekly newsletters and/or programs.
  • Oversees design, functionality and content of MFF and TTM’s digital assets (websites, general public and industry email subscription groups, social media channels), including generating, editing and publishing creative, up-to-date, accurate and timely content
  • Manages project timelines, ensuring production of content to deadlines, and manages M.O.P. expenditures to achieve annual budget targets.
  • Recruits, trains and oversees temporary and contractual consultants, specialty vendors, interns and/or volunteers as may be needed to accomplish essential duties.
  • Other duties as may be assigned


  • Ability to quickly learn and incorporate into practice, the goaIs, objectives, policies and procedures of MFF/TTM’s parent organization, Miami Dade College
  • Knowledge of contemporary world cinema art and domestic art/independent cinema market is a highly-regarded asset.
  • Knowledge of best practices in current marketing and theater operation trends
  • Possess strong interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to work effectively with a wide range of constituencies in a diverse community
  • Possess strong writing skills, including ability to write business correspondence, clear email communications, draft contracts and write reports
  • Possess excellent managerial skills with ability to make important sound decisions and effectively problem solve on a regular basis
  • Ability to demonstrate confidence, articulation and professional speaking abilities
  • Ability to adapt to demanding environments and maintain a high level of poise and professionalism in all circumstances
  • Demonstrated experience and strong working knowledge in advertising and marketing
  • Ability to prioritize and organize multiple tasks to meet deadlines
  • Proficiency in Microsoft office software and specific computer programs related to area of responsibility
  • Ability to work a flexible schedule which may include evening and weekend assignments
  • Ability to work effectively in a multi-ethnic/multi-cultural environment with students, faculty and staff

Minimum Requirements:
Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited institution + two years of related experience in entertainment industry marketing and/or cultural arts marketing.



Jaie Laplante
Executive Director & Director of Programming
Miami Dade College’s
Miami Film Festival & Tower Theater Miami
e:   o: +1-305-237-FILM (3456)


  • Community Engagement and Events Coordinator – At MDC’s Tower Theater Miami you’ll be responsible for the development of opportunities for community engagement, brand building and activation planning. Additionally, you will interact with the community and loyal audience of the theater by providing information about our vision and programming and acting as a point of sales representative at our Concessions Stand and Box Office. For more information on this position, please CLICK HERE. To apply, please e-mail your resume and cover letter to and
  • Miami Film Society & Community Engagement Coordinator – The Miami Film Society and Community Engagement Coordinator works with Miami Film Society Marketing/Operations and Program departments to:
    • Retain, renew and attract Miami Film Society members
      • Build and retain the membership of MIAMI FILM SOCIETY through regular contact and interaction with members and potential members
    • Craft and execute strategies for promotion, marketing, and community outreach for film screenings, events and panels at Tower Theater, and during GEMS and Miami Film Festival.
    • Promote MIAMI FILM SOCIETY, TOWER THEATER, GEMS 2018 and MIAMI FILM FESTIVAL 2019 (MFF) programs and events to targeted audiences (Community Partners)
    • Become as familiar as possible with TOWER THEATER, GEMS and MFF film and event content, as the information is made available.

This position requires an enthusiasm for film and an ability to connect to broad groups in the community. Strong interpersonal and communication skills and customer service required, some background in marketing and promotions preferred. Knowledge of Miami’s social and professional networks and businesses will be beneficial. Creativity, curiosity, and basic aesthetic and design skills for creating promotional collateral will be expected. Emphasis is placed on enhancing Tower Theater’s and Festival’s visibility in the community, audience development, and filling theaters with patrons.  To apply, please send your resume and cover letter to 

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