The Print Traffic Coordinator position for the 37th edition of MDC’s Miami Film Festival has a wide array of tasks intended to assist the Film & Industry Office in the handling of all screening copies and screenings of the Festival.

Dates: January 17 – March 27, 2020
Salary: TBD



  • Prepare email and documentation to send to film parties when requesting DCPs and KDMs.
  • Email all film parties requesting their DCPs and KDMs, including shipping instructions and print traffic form.
  • Maintain the print tracking database (using internal database and shared documents) and continuously report on print status for all films confirmed in the Festival’s line-up. 
  • Track shipping and receiving of DCPs, blurays, digital files, including which party is taking care of the cost of inbound and outbound shipping.
  • Collect return addresses and prepare to return screening copies as requested by the film parties and as agreed with the Festival.
  • In case of films with guests attending who are also the party providing the screening copy, coordinate with the Film Office to hand the copy to the guest before her/his departure.
  • Work with the Technical Director to liaise with the Projectionists on each venue to deliver the screening copies in a timely manner to allow for tech checks and CPL creation. 
  • Create a transportation grid and coordinate the movement of copies between venues before, during and after the Festival.
  • Assist the Technical Director with tech checks in different venues as requested.
  • Assist the Film Office reviewing the final schedule to spot any issues based on venue and screening copy.
  • Assist the Technical Director as needed and keep clear reports on all screening copies to present them at team meetings.

During Festival:

  • Transport screening copies in between venues based on the grid prepared pre-Festival.
  • Prepare screening copies to be returned, and coordinate with the Hospitality Suite to hand copies to guests who are willing to travel back with their screening copies.
  • Assist the Technical Director in the different venues as requested.


  • Before returning any screening copy check with the Director of Events Programming to review which films should be ingested in the Tower Theater.
  • Return all screening copies within 10 days after the Festival.
  • Keep clear records of shipping expenses, tracking numbers and confirmations of copies received by film parties, and make them accessible to the Film Office and Executive Director.
  • Write a wrap report and attend a post-mortem meeting with the Film Office and the final debrief meeting with the entire team.


Friday, January 17th:

  • Request from the Technical Director the information on the servers to be provided to film parties to request KDMs.
  • Prepare and get approval on the email to request DCPs and KDMs.
  • Export and get approval on the list of contacts of film parties to be emailed the DCP and KDM request.
  • Work with Technical Director in preparing the tracking document for all films.

Monday, January 20th:

  • Send email request and instructions for DCPs.

Monday, January 20th to Monday January 27th:

  • Push to receive all DCPs for the Shorts Award competition.
  • Assist the Technical Director preparing the playlist for Jury screening of the Shorts Award.

Tuesday, January 21st:

  • Liaise with EFP and Unifrance to coordinate the shipping of all Mercado DCPs.

Wednesday, January 22nd to Friday, February 28th:

  • Send daily report on DCPs received.
  • Coordinate ingesting and testing of all DCPs for all venues except SilverSpot.
  • Request all Cinemaslam screening copies.
  • Assist the Technical Director creating CPLs and preparing playlists for all the venues.
  • Track and send to the Technical Director all Aspera links.
  • Enter in Eventival all notes of the tech checks and create a revision record.

Monday, February 3rd to Friday, February 14th:

  • Send daily reminders to unresponsive film parties with the deadline to receive the DCPs.

Friday, February 14th to Friday, February 28th:

  • Coordinate ingesting and testing of all DCPs at SilverSpot.
  • Enter in Eventival all notes of the tech checks and create a revision record.

Friday, February 28th to Friday, March 6th:

  • Print tech specs for all screenings, including the playlists, to be distributed in all the venues.
  • Create a traffic movement record to be shared with all the venues and executed during the Festival.
  • Review all KDM information and request any additional ones if necessary.

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