Precious Gem Award

The Precious Gem Award has been Miami Film Festival’s signature award since it was introduced in 2015. It is reserved for honoring the truly special stars of the art form, those one-of-a-kind artists whose contributions to cinema are lasting and unforgettable. Miami values are shining brilliance and immeasurable rarity, thus the ‘Precious Gem’ is the perfect symbol for our highest appreciation, our greatest gratitude, to those artists who have both entertained us and brought us greater understanding of our human condition.

The 2019 Festival honoree was acclaimed actress Patricia Clarkson. The award was presented to Clarkson by Executive Director Jaie Laplante and Senior Programmer Carl Spence on March 4th at Tower Theater Miami. Following the award presentation, a conversation moderated by The Hollywood Reporter’s Tatiana Siegel highlighted the many highlights and entertaining stories from Clarkson’s career.

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The 2019 Precious Gem Award was sponsored by Estrella Damm.