Miami Film Society Coordinator (Seasonal)

The Miami Film Society Coordinator works with Miami Film Society to:

  1. Retain, renew and attract Miami Film Society members;
  2. Provide customer care to members before and during Miami Film Festival 2020.

This position requires an enthusiasm for film, selling skills and customer service abilities. Strong interpersonal and communication skills are required, some background in marketing and promotions preferred. Knowledge of Miami’s communities and general office skills are beneficial.


  • Build and retain the membership of MIAMI FILM SOCIETY through regular contact and interaction with members and potential members:
    • promotion of member benefits
    • upcoming programs and screenings
    • reservations management
    • MFF ticket processing for members
    • on-site customer service and troubleshooting
    • Outreach to condos and homeowner associations for brochure distribution
    • MFF member packages assembly and mailings
  • Become as familiar as possible with MFF film and event content, as the information is made available. Watch screeners, trailers, and research films when possible. Familiarity with films will be vital for connecting appropriate members to relevant content. Remember to be careful with confidentiality of the titles prior to the official media announcements.
  • DURING MFS Screenings (if applicable)
    • Manage check in or reserved seating
    • Assist in other areas as needed
    • Continue to process member ticket orders as needed
    • Maintain reservations lists for all screenings and events
    • Manage Early Entry Line or Reserved Seating at designated venues
    • Assist MFS members with questions, concerns or issues
    • Assist other Team members as needed and possible


  • Write wrap report, evaluating your position, and document suggestions for improvement

Please send your resume to