Membership Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How long does my membership last?

Each membership is valid for one year from the date you join/renew.

Will I be notified when my membership is due for renewal?

Yes. We will contact you at the beginning of the month when your membership is up for renewal.

When will I receive my welcome packet?

Your welcome packet should arrive within 5 business days of you joining/renewing the Miami Film Society. Items may take longer to reach you during certain times of the year, such as holiday seasons and the time closer to the Festival in March. We ask that you let us know if you don’t receive your welcome packet within 10 business days of joining the Miami Film Society.

What do I do if I want to update my personal information?

To update your personal information, you must send an e-mail to These requests will not be taken over the phone.

Can I join at one level and then upgrade to another?

Sure! If you would like to upgrade after you’ve already purchased a membership, just call us and we’ll charge you the difference so you can enjoy upgraded benefits during the remainder of your membership year.

Where can I call if I have any questions?

You can reach us by calling our membership line 305-237-7979 or by sending an e-mail to


What is reserved seating?

Reserved seats are held for our Platinum and Visionary Miami Film Society members, filmmakers, and sponsors at our screenings. Each section is color-coded for the respective group of people that is allowed to sit there. The amount of reserved seats at each screening will vary depending on how many people are expected. Seats with color codes or reserved signs on them are not automatically made available once the screening starts. These seats are only released at the discretion of the Theater Manager OR at the Miami Film Society representative at the venue. These seats are not necessarily released when tickets begin to be sold to RUSH LINE.

What are the receptions, parties, and events I will be invited to?

The receptions and events you will be invited to as part of your membership benefits during the Festival are decided on 1-2 weeks before the Festival. You will get invitations via e-mail. These may be private happy hours, receptions, or parties. These events are not listed on the program guide and may not be exchanged or transferred if you are unable to attend.

What is the Early Entry Line?

When you arrive at the venue, you and your guests may approach the Early Entry Line. Patrons waiting in this line will enter the theater 10-15 min. before the general audience. This line is reserved for Miami Film Society members and sponsors. In order to make use of this benefit, you must have your Miami Film Society lanyard (with your membership card) on hand.



Are my tickets automatically sent to me?

Tickets for any Festival event are not automatically sent to members and must be claimed in order to be processed. Members can claim them by logging in to the ticketing site or contacting the Miami Film Society office. If you do not claim your tickets in a timely manner, the event may sell out. If this happens, you we cannot make any exceptions or exchanges of benefits.

If I can’t use my tickets, can someone else use them on my behalf?

If you are not able to attend a screening you had tickets for, you may give the tickets to someone and they may attend instead. However, only patrons with a Miami Film Society lanyard/membership card will be allowed to use the Early Entry Line at venues. Invitations to private events are non-transferable.

Can my complimentary tickets be used for any film/event in any category?

Each membership level has a specific set of benefits associated with it. Complimentary tickets may not be exchanged or substituted.

Will I receive notifications regarding tickets to events/films?

You will receive communications from the Miami Film Society office with notifications of monthly member events, and you will begin to receive weekly communications as we approach GEMS in October or the Festival in March with instructions on ticket ordering.

How do I order my tickets?

Tickets for any event can be ordered using one of three methods:

  • Go to and log in.
    • If you do not have login credentials for this website, or cannot remember them, please call the Miami Film Society office for more information.
  • Call 305-237-7979 and place your order with us.

I need help understanding my complimentary ticket allowance.

Please contact the Miami Film Society office and we will explain how many complimentary tickets you are entitled to based on your membership level and what categories they apply to.

If I purchase a ticket, and then later realize I can’t attend the event, can I get a refund/exchange?

The official policy of the Miami International Film Festival is NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES. We ask that you please be sure of your selections before completing your order transaction.


What are the different types of events during the Festival?

  • Opening Night – A star-studded red carpet premiere to open the Festival, followed by a party that rings in the new Festival with music, cuisine, cocktails, and dancing.
  • Marquee Series – Screening featuring a conversation with filmmakers to honor them and their talent for a variety of  achievements and accomplishments.
  • Soiree Series – Screenings paired with special parties to create the perfect night out.
  • Awards Night –  A red carpet premiere and celebration of all competition films, followed by a party featuring music, cuisine, cocktails, dancing, and more awards.
  • Seminars – Engaging, on-stage conversations with film industry leaders.

What happens if the event I want to attend is sold out?

If there are no more advance tickets available for an event you want to attend, you may still be able to attend. Outside every event, there is a Rush Line. A Rush Line is a line formed by people who were not able to get advance tickets. About 5-10 minutes before the screening is scheduled to start, the theater manager will count how many empty seats are in the theater, and those seats can be sold for CASH ONLY to the patrons in the Rush Line. Rush Line tickets are first-come, first-served, and no discount applies to these sales (member rate, senior, student).

Where does the Miami International Film Festival/GEMS take place?

Film screenings during Miami International Film Festival in March take place in a variety of venues. For the final list, please see our Ticket Guide, which is released in late January. Our October event, GEMS, takes place exclusively at MDC’s Tower Theater.

Is there a guide to help me during the Festival?

Yes! We will mail you a How-To Festival Guide before the Festival in March and GEMS in October. The guide has information on ticket orders, preferred parking, and dress code among other things.

Are there assigned seats at the Festival?

There are no assigned seats during the Festival. HOWEVER, we do have a large amount of reserved seats at every venue. Seats are reserved for Platinum and Visionary Miami Film Society members, filmmakers, and sponsors and credentials need to be shown in order to sit there.

Do the reserved seats become available when Rush Line tickets are sold/when the film starts?

Reserved seats DO NOT automatically become available when Rush Line tickets are sold or when the film starts. These seats are ONLY released at the discretion of the Miami International Film Festival administrator on site.

What happens if I’m late?

The Festival does its best to maintain a tight schedule, and respect the time of the patrons inside the theater, those in the Rush Line, and any filmmaker guest attending the event. Therefore, if you are not in your seat 15 minutes before the scheduled screening time, your seat may be sold to any Rush Line patrons that are waiting for tickets. If you arrive after tickets have been sold to Rush Line patrons, you will be seated at the theater manager’s discretion ONLY if there are still seats available. No refunds or exchanges will be processed if you arrive late.

How early should I arrive at the venues?

For a general screening, we recommend you arrive half an hour prior to the screening, as most Festival screenings are at capacity. For a premium ticket event, such as Opening Night or Awards Night, we recommend you arrive 45 minutes prior to the screening, as we have a larger number of reserved seats for these special events.