The Film Office Coordinator position for the 37th edition of MDC’s Miami Film Festival has a wide array of tasks intended to facilitate communication with officially selected film parties and to assist producing all information and materials pertaining to the films and guests attending to be used by other Festival Departments. 

Dates: January 6 – March 30, 2020

Salary: TBD


  • Assist with the following tasks regarding materials:
    • Follow up on film form and materials request to ensure they are complete.
    • Categorize, label and organize all the materials received.
    • Review the dimensions of film posters and send them to print.
    • Label, organize and hand all film posters to the Operations Department, to be transported to the venues.
    • Prepare the trailers and create a playlist on the Youtube channel.
    • Create the video library, prepare and keep updated the lists to share with industry and press.
    • Prepare links for Jury members.
    • Prepare links for the Trailer and Poster Awards to be shared with the Jury.
    • Prepare and send materials for awards ceremony content.
    • Liaise with EFP and Unifrance to coordinate all the needs of Mercado’s screenings, meetings and guest needs.
  • Assist with the following tasks regarding schedule:
    • Keep the status of each film updated in the database, including all communication and announcement status.
    • Prepare cards with each invited title for the scheduling process.
    • Prepare the board for the scheduling process.
    • Enter schedule in the database and keep it updated.
    • Keep all relevant contacts for each title updated in the database.
    • Prepare all necessary information in the database to communicate to film parties their screening schedule.
    • Prepare a list of films to be contacted with screening schedule, including the names of the people to be contacted for approval.
    • Prepare and print all versions of the schedule for team meetings to discuss the feasibility of the proposed screening times.
    • Assist preparing Jury and Mercado schedules and communicate them to the parties involved.
    • Prepare links for Jury members and follow up on their availability.
    • Liaise with the Technical Director and the Print Traffic Coordinator to provide contacts and details of the negotiations and agreements with film parties to get screening copies in and out of the Festival.
  • Assist with guests in the following capacities:
    • Track all accreditation requests, and keep an updated list of guests attending the Festival.
    • Print accreditations.
    • Prepare agendas and welcome packages.
    • Collect hotel/accommodation and local contact information for all accredited talent.
    • Prepare the “Who Is Who” in Eventival and grant access to all guests.
    • Prepare daily emails with activities, guests, pictures. Exciting information for guests during the Festival.
    • Prepare welcome packages for Industry, Talent, Jury, Speakers.
    • Assist the Press Office with red carpet schedules, photos and names.
    • Communicate to all Talent, Jury, Mercado and Speakers their red carpet schedule and their individual agendas.
  • Hospitality Suite:
    • Work with the Operations Department to prepare the suite:
        • Signage
        • Printer, paper, labels, lanyards
        • Prepare volunteer schedule to assist with the operation of the Hospitality Suite and with liaising with guest and transportation.
        • Prepare enough personal for individual welcoming of guests and to offer personalized attention to guests participating in special events: private meetings, red carpets, intros/Q&As, press days, etc.
    • Assist the Press Office in coordinating interviews, press days, photo shoots, etc and incorporate them into guests’ personalized agendas.
    • Liaise with the Jury Coordinator, the Operations Department, the Press Office, to inform guests of their commitments, to request reimbursements and transportation needs.
  • Post-Festival:
    • Prepare a detailed summary of self-paid guests.
    • Submit forms with signatures of guest who picked up their packages and accreditations.
    • Prepare a detailed report on all the steps/tasks leading up and during the Festival

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