Encuentros 2012

From 2003 – 2011, Miami International Film Festival’s Encuentros program brought together influential industry professionals from all corners of the globe to meet with filmmakers in the Iberian diaspora (Spain, Portugal, South America, Central America, the Caribbean, and Spanish or Portuguese-language artists in the United States) with culturally interesting and commercially viable feature film projects in various stages of development.

The 29th edition of the Festival witnessed the evolution of the Encuentros program into a digital marketplace called VeoMiami; an innovative and unique industry component which facilitates the viewing of works in progress from Ibero-America to all industry guests attending MIFF. VeoMiami 2012 projects included:

  • Red Princesses (Princesas rojas) by Laura Astorga, Costa Rica
  • Package #3 (Paquete #3) by Alfredo Hueck, Venezuela

A mix of established and up-and-coming directors and producers participated in formal round-table discussions with distributors, international sales agents, financiers, and other key industry people to establish a dialogue, create lasting relationships and potentially close business arrangements that can provide the key creative or fiscal link to advance the projects to successful realization.

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