DAILIESMIFFecito 2014 DailyDAY 1 (Thu, Oct 16):
MIFFecito Opens with Cuba’s Oscar Contender

DAY 2 (Fri, Oct 17):
MIFFecito Kicks Off with Glorious Latin Flare

DAY 3 (Sat, Oct 18):
MIFFecito Racks Up Sold Out Premieres

DAY 4 (Sun, Oct 19):
MIFFecito’s Final Day

MIFFecito: It’s a Wrap!
Great Art Changes Livesmiff-daily-2014MIFF 2014 DailyDAY ONE (Fri, Mar 7):
Festival Opens Tonight

DAY TWO (Sat, Mar 8):
Classic Hollywood Glamour

DAY THREE (Sun, Mar 9):
Premieres Galore

DAY FOUR (Mon, Mar 10):
Turturro Wrap & Highlights

DAY FIVE (Tue, Mar 11):
Music, Drama, Master Class Seminars & CinemaSlam Champions

DAY SIX (Wed, Mar 12):
An Unbreakable Bond, A Legendary Impresario

DAY SEVEN (Thur, Mar 13):
New Directors in Town to Present Their Films

DAY EIGHT (Fri, Mar 14):
Reel Music Video Art & FOOSBALL Tomorrow!

DAY NINE (Sat, Mar 15):
Deep City & Open Windows

DAY TEN (Sun, Mar 16):
Award Winners ~ It’s a Wrap!

by Tatyana Chiocchetti, Daily Wrap Editor