Billy Corben (left) and Alfred Spellman (right), director and producer of SCREWBALL, accept the Audience Award (Feature) from Festival director Jaie Laplante (center) at the 36th Festival’s Awards Night party on March 9, 2019.

Check out the winners of MDC’s 36th Annual Miami Film Festival:

$40,000 Knight MARIMBAS Award
BIRDS OF PASSAGE – Ciudad Lunar Productions of Colombia and The Orchard (US distributor)
JURY: Francesa Silvestri, René Sampaio and Tabaré Blanchard.

$40,000 Knight Made in MIA Award
Feature: PAHOKEE – Directed by Ivette Lucas and Patrick Bresnan
Short: LIBERTY – Directed by Faren Humes | SIX DEGREES OF IMMIGRATION – Directed by Jayme Gershen
JURY: Victoria Rogers, Xander Robin and Valerie Brooks.

$5,000 IMDbPro Short Film Award
THE ORPHAN – Directed by Carolina Markowicz
JURY: Keith Simanton, Christine Archilla, April Dobbins, Adam Dunshee, Miachel Fass, Myriam Grad, Fiona Green, Luis Hernandez, Joshua Jean-Baptiste, Man Kit, Juan Lazzaros, Ileana Oroza, Donald Papy, Hal Prewitt, Ronnie Rivera, Kevin Sharpley, Lisa Sloat, Jose-Antonio Valencia, Dudley Alexis, Samuel Albis, David Borenstein, and Margaret Cardillo

$10,000 HBO Ibero-American Feature Film Award
FIREFLIES – Directed by Bani Khoshnoudi. Lead produced by Pensée Sauvage and Zensky Cine of Mexico.
JURY: Paz Fabrega, Rubén Peralta Rigaud and Leslie Cohen.

$5,000 HBO Ibero-American Short Film Award
THIS IS YOUR CUBA – Directed by Brian Robau

$10,000 Jordan Ressler First Feature Award
SOCRATES – Directed by Alexandre Moratto
JURY: Vanessa Ressler, Aml Ameen and Tomás Alzamora

$10,000 Documentary Achievement Award
MAGIC CITY HUSTLE – Directed by Billy Corben. Produced by Miami-based company Rakontur.

$5,000 Alacran Music in Film Award
BURNING – Original score by Mowg
JURY: Jorge Moreno, Carlos Rafael Rivera and Giorga Lo Savio

$5,000 Zeno Mountain Award
MY DAUGHTER YOSHIKO – Directed by Brian Blum
JURY: Alexandra Codina, Ajani AJ Murray and Xavier Romani

$2,500 Best Trailer
KNIFE + HEART – Trailer by Joe Hackman
JURY: Tabare Blanchard

$2,500 Best Poster Design
FRAGILE – Poster by Edel Rodriguez
JURY: Xander Robin

Rene Rodriguez Critics Award
THE NIGHTINGALE –  Directed by Jennifer Kent
JURY: Rene Rodriguez

Audience Award for Best Feature
SCREWBALL – Directed by Billy Corben. Produced by Miami-based company Rakontur.

Audience Award for Best Short
THE RAFTER – Directed by Jose Navas

Lynn and Louis Wolfson II Family Foundation CinemaSlam Competition 2019
 Lori Davis, Cassius Corrigan, Chad Tingle

Lynn & Louis Wolfson II Family Foundation Best Student Film Using Archival Footage From Wolfson Archives ($5,000 cash prize) – HAPPY TO BE NAPPY, d. Xiao Che

Wolfson Cinemaslam Champion ($500 cash Sara Fuller Scholarship from FilmFlorida) – CHESS, d. Alejandro Gonzalez Valdés

Wolfson Cinemaslam Best Director – Andrew García, THE SKIN OF YESTERDAY

Wolfson Cinemaslam Best Actor – Andrés Nicolás Chavez, THE SKIN OF YESTERDAY

Wolfson Cinemaslam Best Actress – Paulina Gálvez, ESCAPÉ

Wolfson Cinemaslam Best Writing – Alejandro Gonzalez Valdés, CHESS

Wolfson Cinemaslam Best Technical Achievement – THE CHASE, d. Chantal Gabriel

Wolfson Cinemaslam Works-in-Progress Grants for Films That Will Contain Archival Footage From Wolfson Archives: CAN OF BEANS (Miami International University of Art & Design, D. Paul Alvarado, Roberto Tula), IN HUMAN KIND (Miami Dade College, D. Juancho Rodriguez), LONELY IS THE NIGHT (Miami Dade College, D. Gian Luca Laplume), SAL AND VINNY (Florida International University, D. Lucia Plaza), CELESTIAL (New York Film Academy – South Beach, D. Bruklyn Miller), WADE IN THE WATER: DROWNING IN RACISM (University of Miami, D. Cathleen Dean)