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General Information

The Miami International Film Festival has selected world-renowned Barcelona-based designer Javier Mariscal as the official poster artist for its 29th edition. Mariscal was the co-creator of MIFF 2011’s opening night film, the animated hit musical “Chico & Rita“. For the 2012 MIFF poster, Mariscal created an abstract, Art Deco-inspired vision meant to evoke the glamorous, golden years of the film industry. The intersecting beams of light could be the searchlights outside a movie premiere at an old-time movie palace, or possibly the light beams of projectors as they beam the images of the stars onto the movie screens.

As a great interdisciplinary designer, Mariscal is able to wear several hats, one for each activity. As a designer of objects, his work includes “Cobi,” the mascot for the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games. He has worked for companies like Moroso, Alessi, Lalique, Magis, Camper, Phaidon and Uno Design. He also created “Twipsy,” the mascot for the 2000 Universal Exposition in Hanover and a cartoon series starring the mascot, which was shown in more than a hundred countries. As an interior designer, Mariscal recently designed the new H&M flagship store in Barcelona, the Gran Hotel Domine in Bilbao and one of the floors of the Hotel Puerta América in Madrid.

In 2009, Mariscal presented a retrospective exhibition in the Design Museum of London, as well as two monographic books about his work, MariscalDrawing Life (Phaidon) and Sketches (Nova Era).

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Estudio Mariscal, Barcelona